Friday, March 14, 2008

With open arms I'll guide and I'll lead

I've decided to skip class today. Not for any good reason, really, just because I want to sit at the coffee shop and do stuff that's more fun than sitting in class. Too bad its so gloomy out.

I took Wanda and Mucha to the airport this morning. I have to say that I am not the world's best stickshift driver. Seriously. Its embarassing. One tip: take off the emergency brake. Also, I'm fairly certain that they forgot to give me keys to their house, so I have to figure out a way to spring their cats.

I wish I could work at Kopplin's. I love it in here. Plus, they make their coffee in a really fancy way and you know how much I like it when things are more complicated than they need to be. Not to mention they have this mocha that is just something else. Seriously.

Kari and I got rid of our cable. Its weird so far. Mostly because I always turn on the TV in the morning and watch the news, which I can no longer do. I'm sure I'll be fine, its just kind of an adjustment.

Cover letters suck.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

That man will trick you with his thoughts

My friend Adam has just alerted me to the funniest website I've seen in a while. Perhaps I only find it to be so hilarious because I like practically everything on the list. Ah well.

I've been wicked sick since last week, but have started to feel better. Seriously, though, I thought I was going to die on Saturday. Plus, this big huge writing project for law school was due, so the stress was at an all time high. But, paper's been turned in and things are looking up.

I need a car so badly. Its gotten sort of out of hand. I need a job, which I could only get to by driving. Its a circular problem that has gotten quite tired in the last few months.

Its a big day for primaries, and I have to at least comment on the way these primaries have been going. I just get so frustrated with the way people are making Obama into some kind of hero. Of course this will all be construed as me hating the guy, which I don't, but its just frustrating that the candidate with great speeches but few tangible ideas has garnered so much support from liberals. Its just so hypocritical the way that some people will preach about taking care of the working class, keeping traditional democratic values at the forefront, but then support a person who seems to care little about this group. Clinton is the far better choice for working class people, which is probably why she has been so strong amongst those voters. Rich people, however, LOVE Obama. He's like a rich man's wet dream. You can pretend to be really liberal while still getting to keep all of that hard earned money. Stupid.

Whatever. Maybe there will be some amazing turn of events tonight and my hope for the world will be restored.