Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Do I look like I drive a jeep cherokee and shop at abercrombie?

I've decided to pause my Pandora obsession for at least a little while. Instead, I'm going to stream the Current, mostly because I've now been listening to the same 10 or so albums for the last 3 years and am in desperate need of something new. That and Pandora is seemingly obsessed with the idea that I love jam bands and Jack Johnson, two things I quasi-enjoy but certainly not at the level Pandora expects. Reminds me of the kids I went to high school with, who referred to Dave Matthews Band as simply "Dave" and talked pretentiously about music with "soul." Barf.

In other news, I'm researching for two professors which is actually pretty fun. It's also an excercize in concentration and time management, which are two areas that could use a little refining. I just realized that it's less than a month until school starts, which is embarassingly exciting. I remember a couple years ago when Snoobs would talk about how much she wanted to go get her textbooks as soon as she could, and I'm in that exact spot. I don't know what I'll do with them once they arrive, but I'll be ordering them soon so that they can rest peacefully in the garbage dump we like to call "the office."

Also, I'm sure you all know this, but cable and internet is effing RIDICULOUSLY expensive. I'm trying desperately to save money, so cable was the first to go, and it has been all good, but the lack of internet is something that I cannot deal with. When I looked up Comcast's "deals," I was met with 6 month "promotional" pricing, followed by at least double the price after that. What really pisses me off is that my stupid apartment building wont allow satellite dishes (because it apparently ruins the aesthetic, a hilarious notion for anyone that knows the place) so its either Comcast or nothing. Fascists.

Okay, I'm going to go research unfair trade practice now. Gooooood times.

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wanda said...

I want to be friends with Mary Lucia and Mark Wheat.
Your title for this entry is great!