Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Get over yourself.

I am somewhat concerned about the path the my alma mater is taking these days.

I have always been accused of being not enough of a vigilante, not radical enough to be a real feminist/lesbian/queer/insertliberallabelhere, but at this point I believe it to be a strength not a weakness.

I am certain that I can continue to claim ultra liberalism, can continue to live my life as I am, without persecuting those around me for the inability to understand fully how it is to walk in my shoes.

Because I am fairly certain that if I were to do that, I would, in effect, merely be doing the exact same thing that I purport to be rioting against.

Self-righteousness and hypocrisy are so 1991.


Political Poet said...


I get what you are saying. We definitely want to work with the administration, staff, and faculty. I am not saying we should have some huge uproar with a lot of name calling and anger. I wasn't clear about that in my blog, and I am going to write an amendment to that.

Also, the statements I have made were comments that I have heard from women on this campus. While I was writing the blog, a friend of mine who is a partially deaf student on this campus said those statements, verbatim, about the college not being willing to work with her.

I made it clear that it wasn't the entire campus. I understand that the campus is more accepting than most Catholic colleges. I should have given credit where it was due. Thank you for your comments. I understand that the college is doing their best, but often times I feel that with the PRIDE club they could be doing a lot more. (This is a personal opinion not the position of PRIDE.)


Kellee said...

I'm annoyed that somehow people assume liberal and lesbian are synonymous anyway.

What you have is definitely a strength, so thanks actually, for not being an utter jackass. Kudos and whateverelse to you.

hils said...

Hi Karly,
It's Hilary, a friend from the past... But MySpace said it was your Birthday, and I am bored at school, so I clicked on your page to see what you have been up to.. and I then I read your blog because you have always been awesome and I wanted to see what you have been talkin' 'bout.. and I thought that I would mention that fundamentalism is fundamentalism whether it be feminist, uber progressive or not.. and thinking that the world is black and white and that it would be perfect if only people subscribed to the way that one thinks, or in other words, that if only everybody thought about the world the same exact way (one's self righteous way) then we would live in some sort of perfect world is, while sometimes very comforting, also very dangerous. So I just wanted to say, that realizing that the world is grey and that your greyness can mesh with another persons greyness although it be a different hue is a very very important in the way of peace and freedom, for everybody.. because the minute that we throw out other people's opinions, no matter how conservative they may be, and force our opinions, no matter how "progressive" they may be, we not only compromise progress, but we also stop learning. So, kudos. I am glad that I know you, and keep up the good work... Most often it's harder to keep the dialogue alive than to pick a side and stick to it with your ears closed. But it's probably the most important thing. Thanks for letting me think. Hilary