Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Spanish Basketball Players

Okay, so after checking out a great blog that my law school comrade pointed me to, I'm pretty peeved to have discovered the Spanish Olympic Basketball team's overtly offensive photo spread.

Go here to check out the whole story.

I couldn't even tell what they were doing at first glance, but once you figure out that they're making squinty eye faces at the, it's easy to see how it could be deemed offensive. In fact, I can't really figure out how it could NOT be deemed offensive. I mean, really, racist gestures aimed at the HOST of the Olympics that you're participating. Beyond stupid, racist and offensive, their actions are just downright rude.

The players have defended themselves (obvs.) by saying that they never meant any harm, but it's that exact statement that's at the root of the problem. The fact that any advertising company, any athlete, any PERSON wouldn't realize that making a face in order to mimic Chinese people is offensive only speaks to the pervasive nature of racism.

As if I needed more reasons to hate the Lakers.

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