Tuesday, September 23, 2008

This just in: The internet is way neat-o!

Ever think about the size of the internet? I mean, obviously you think about it whilst enjoying unnecessarily illegal hallucinogenic smokables, but ever really think about it? I'm an anxious person (rrreeeeaaaaalllllllyyyy???) so I can't ponder it for long, but if you make an attempt to traverse the internet, then you'll realize just how big it really is.

I'm trying to become more literate in such things, mostly because I don't like it when other people are significantly better at things than me and Wanda and Katie are way better at the internet than me.[1][2] In that quest, I learned how to use a blog aggregator (Google Reader rules my life), have returned to Twitter (okay, that just happened yesterday, but the interest is high!) and have generally just tried to learn what the heck is going on in the internet.

Did you know that sometimes even liberals do things that I don't agree with? Did you know that there are gays who have shitty politics? Did you know that there's an alternative to pretty-much-downright-misogynistic Perez Hilton?

Now, all you real live internet knowers out there, don't make fun of me. I realize that these references are a mere primer to what the internet actually holds for me. Like I said, I'm just starting. But, for now, it makes life so much more interesting! Random news from random news sources (some more reputable than others) is a great way to acquire knowledge, and I'm excited to have hitchhiked onto the internet superhighway.[3]

[1] I'm going to just feel free to refer to "the internet" in whatever noun form I feel like, whether it be person, place, or thing. I realize how it sounds, and I suppose that not everyone can hear the weird ironical tone that I'm taking in my head each time I use the term. Thus, I felt the need to lay out my sense of humor here.
[2] I'm also really into footnoting right now. It's not news that I'm nerdy (ooh! alliteration!) so effing deal with it. If you know how to make these hyperlinks, pleeeeeese tell me. I looked for like an hour.
[3] There was no way I was going to get through an entire post about the internet without making a cheesy internet superhighway joke.

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