Thursday, November 13, 2008

Could the neighbors downstairs please shut up?

So I live in an apartment building with 5 other units in it. Until recently, we have had lovely neighbors who are considerate of the community. We would open doors for each other, occasionally take out each other's trash if we encountered it waiting in the hall, and just generally treat each other with respect. However, one of our best neighbors recently moved out, and we got new people in the apartment directly below me.

It has been more than a week now, and they have been pretty much yelling non-stop since they moved in. Maybe not yelling as much as just talking super loud ALL THE TIME and never going to sleep until at least midnight. Now, I know that I have a loud voice and I know that not everyone should have to conform their schedule to my grandma-esque 10 o'clock bedtime. However, this has gotten out of effing control. It's like, these kids NEVER SLEEP! They're constantly slamming doors and coming inside and outside and propping the door open. Not to mention the overwhelming smell that comes out of their apartment. Again, I'm not one to judge anyone else's behavior, but OH MY GOD it's like Cheech and Chong moved in downstairs. It's madness.

I've already called the building manager once, but they're still totally intolerable. GF and I talk every night about how we should just hook up our ovaries and go downstairs and ask them nicely to shut the fuck up, but for some reason we can never bring ourselves to actually go. I mean, actual confrontation and resolution of the problem? Too much!

What should I do? I mean, I can't just let this annoyingness continue for however long we continue to live at the apartment. I know I should just go down there and talk to them, but isn't there any other way?


Anonymous said...

I will pose as you and talk to them. That way it won't be weird when you see them again.

Inside the Philosophy Factory said...

If it were a music issue, you could go down and invite them upstairs to listen to their own music... it is more difficult with conversation and doors etc.. because it is possible that they are just loud folks with odd hours. There is no real way to demonstrate the problem.

Perhaps you could start by writing a note taking a side in one of their disagreements -- it would make the point that they have less privacy than they think. Also, check your lease for quiet hours -- In the first week after we moved into a new apartment, we had a complaint because we were assembling a bookcase after 10 PM.

Maybe just a quick conversation in the hall -- letting them know that the soundproofing in the building sucks and you can hear them will help. When I've had these conversations, I've opened with an offer of my phone number in case we were being too loud... then let them know you can hear them an if they'd try to turn down the vollume after 10, it would be greatly appreciated.

Anonymous said...

I am having this issue now, almost to a T -- guy downstairs doesn't shut up ever. TV blasting, video games blasting, pot and cigarettes, friends over yelling at .east 1 a week -- all in a bui9lding with walls and floors as thin as my skin has become. The super spoke to him many times - as have my feet and fists ans I smashed walls and floors at 3am (who wants to get dressed to confront somebody at 3am??), but this idiot just doesn't care to get it. I can only hope to outlast him, maybe yell and scream when I think he is asleep (which seems to be never) and pick up neighbourhood dog droppings and leave them on his doormat). (OK, last part was fantasy...) I hope your situation has improved!