Monday, April 7, 2008

testes testes 1 2

heh. that joke will be funny forever.

but in other news, I'm not sure that my comments are working.

or, perhaps, i'm just talking to myself. TOTALLY possible.

so, you know, if you're reading this, if you could comment that would be awesome. and then, if it didn't work, if you could let me know somehow, that would be equally awesome.


Katie said...

I am here!

Kate said...

uh, hey, so I'll be going to Uh Huh Her with you in a couple weeks. Yeah. Right on!

wanda said...

oh man, I totally wanted to be the first one to comment. If only I would have logged into my agregator earlier.

Accepts Affection said...

Your comments are working. Law school is awesome. Congratulations on beating Mitchell in the rankings.

Maybe I'll see you around sometime-if I ever come visit your 3rd tier from my 4th.

Mary said...

I am here too.