Thursday, May 15, 2008

Precious little life to guide and lead

Life has been a little crazy this week!

Along with finishing finals on Monday, my sister also had her baby!!!! Kiernan Colleen is her name and cuteness is her game. My sister and brother in law's blogs are both linked here, so you should go check them out because I'm sure they'll have pictures up soon! However, I'll have you know that she is totally soft and squishy and awesome.

I think I might have a job interview tomorrow, but we'll see. I can't keep getting my hopes up because I'll go crazy.

In other news, Kari and I have been watching The Tudors, which is totally awesome and everyone should watch it. Granted, I'm a total sucker for 16th century period films, but this one has the added joy of being a Showtime show, which means it has copious amounts of needless sex, which is always a good time.

So, um, yeah. Not much exciting stuff is going on besides that. :)


Kate said...

Congrats on the new family Beeb!! How exciting!!

wanda said...

tell us more stories