Wednesday, May 28, 2008

True for you and truth will lead you

Okay, so some people I really love are either already in a foreign land or will be arriving shortly. Thus, I have decided to perhaps make my blog into more of a land where domestic goings-on can be displayed so that the CorpsKids can keep up.

In that vein, I wanted to discuss Lindsay Lohan. Rumor has it that she's been carpet-diving with Samantha Ronson. While this is not new, I heard on the radio this morning that there is marriage talk now that California has decided to live up to its LiberalerThanThou reputation. My guess is that the paparazzi has just got nuts with the actual pictures of the two making out and have jumped to the wedding talk because its sexy.

Speaking of the pictures, all the paparazzi folk have been touting this one as the best evidence of Linds' lesbot tendencies:

However, don't you think this one is a better indication that Linds and Sammy are in true love?:

I know that the whole "true love" vibe is not necessarily what the press is going for but don't they look downright precious in this one? I also know that there are some Sam-haters out there, but it seems (from my intricate and personal knowledge) that Linds is happy with her dirty DJ and there's no reason to hate on what seems like a sort of normal relationship.

However, obviously, attractive women must be involved in torrid affairs instead of it being actually legitimate, so pictures serve a much better purpose when they show her doing something naughty. Still, I'd say those two getting married would be one of the most exciting pop culture happenings in a long while. Not to mention, it would totally fulfill the lesbian u-haul stereotype, which is always a good time.


wanda said...

Are you listening to KDWB? I listen to Dave Ryan in the Morning to get me ready for what ridiculousness is in store for me through out the rest of the day

Kate said...

I ain't a hata. It's just that sometimes my jealousy gets ahead of me, OKAY!?

byrneme said...

I love LL!

Mary said...

thank you for the important updates. and kate is a hater.
Also, you will be happy to know that I won a poker touney last night. I didnt get to enjoy a cigar BUT i was able to consume some of senegals finest wiskey. yay for school being over!!