Tuesday, February 19, 2008

There's always someone younger, someone with more hunger

Having subsisted in the land of Itakemyselftooseriously for about 6 months now, I'm about at my wits end with how to handle all the boneheads. This isn't a commentary on anyone in particular but on the overall culture of law school that apparently attracts all the people I wanted to beat up while in high school.

Don't get me wrong, I'm certain that there are other reasons for today's overwhelming annoyance with the situation in which I have engulfed myself, but if I have to hear one more self-important blowhard ramble on and on about how much they (don't) know about everything under the sun, I will shoot myself with the shotgun the 2nd Amendment so thoughtfully allows me to have.

Honestly, try to imagine a room full of people, each one thinking they're smarter than the next. Not only that, but each one is on a never ending quest to prove that they are, in fact, the most intelligent person to ever walk the earth. This, combined with the knowledge that the people who are actually the smartest just sort of answer questions when they come up and otherwise act like a normal, nice person, makes me despise the culture of intelligent idocy that law school creates.

I wish I was still in college. What concerns me is that I actually fucking like law school. Now, of course I can't tell anyone this because hating law school is one of the first things you learn when entering law school.

Its a good thing that there's the tiny amount of people that make my days bearable. See, not everyone is a jackass and not everyone thinks that law school is the most important thing on Earth.

Some days I just get sucked in to only hearing the things I hate. Apparently today is one of those days.


Kate said...

I miss school. Although St. Kate's wasn't terribly demanding I feel that each day without it makes me a little more stupid. I've lost all ability to articulate.


Mary said...

I miss school too. The only demanding thing I have in my life at the moment is who to vote for in
a project runway challenge. That and finding a time to share a meal with you... sushi, cuban breakfast or anything really. you decide.

p.s. I saw victor's on the news the other night. It looked delicious!