Monday, June 4, 2007

Look at this photograh, every time I do it makes me laugh

I really hate blogs/personal websites with way too much HTML.

I'm not even talking about the 14 year old girl variety with a million pictures of pop stars and annoying songs in the background. These I can brush aside as part of the awkward phase.

But, if you're old enough to live somewhere other than your parents (even if you're not actually doing so), you need to cool it with the fucking sparkles and songs and pictures. Especially if you aren't good at writing HTML because it just makes it suck for the rest of us.

See, I have a speedy connection. At work, at home...its not me making this shit hard to load. So just think what you're doing to the poor saps with dial up by putting every single picture of Hinder or Nickelback that you can find right there on your page so that everyone can know just how awesome your musical taste is?

I'm just saying.

As a sidenote, Tegan and Sara's new album got leaked. Go to if you want to hear some of it. Thank my sister when you see her for alerting me to this joyous, yet SucksToBeTandS situation.

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mars0215 said...

all that glitters is gold

and gold is ugly