Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Shame about it

So I didn't know it, but apparently I had my settings to where comments were closed to non-blogspotters. So, I fixed it. So, you know, comment away.

My previous post has caused my little Google smart advertisement thingy to now link people to an extremely conservative website. Its right over there -> if you want to check it out.

I think its hilarious.

Because I feel like (even though I'm arguing with myself about these things, apparently) the obvious link from my arguments against yOmama are to say Bad Liberal! and shove me away from anything having to do with the Party. But my whole problem is that he's not my kind of guy, and if I'm being honest I think he's getting a free pass on a lot of issues because he is a person of color, which I think only serves to hinder anti-racist action.

But, we can move on. For now.

I'm on John Edwards' email list, and apparently its his birthday on Sunday. His wife (who I think is brilliant) wrote today's email, promising that if I donated to the campaign that I would receive her (or perhaps his, I can't remember which) Granny's Pecan Pie recipe as a special birthday week perk.

How cute is that?

Little John is from North Carolina, after all.

Apparently, there's also a link to a video in which Johnny's aids attempt to make said pie, with dismal results. Obviously, men are not good at such things. We'll have to leave the cookin' up to the women-folk.

Whatever. I'd rather talk about The Sopranos.

If you don't watch this show, you are depriving yourself one of the simple pleasures of life. By simple, I mean extremely violent and perhaps derogatory toward Italian Americans. Still, this shit is exciting, and it sucks you right in.

You think Phil will off Tony? Its a good thing he went to sleep with that automatic weapon. Never know what's lurking. I'm pretty sad about Bobby, he was my favorite character since his driving days. Killed by the model poetic. David Chase is a schmaltzy television genius.

I hope he makes a show about the lesbian mafia next.


Katie said...

I don't know if I agree with you on the Barak Obama thing - I haven't thought about it that much yet, though it is scheduled in on my calendar - but since you're gay and all, I thought you would enjoy this (you have cable, right?)

ChangeAgent said...

Okay, Kate.

1st. I don't know if I agree with myself about the Obama thing, so don't worry. That's the problem with politics; its black or white, this candidate or that. He just sort of rubs me the wrong way.

2nd. Who is this Pop Candy lady? She seems neat. I might add her to my faves.

3rd. The post you just commented on referenced The Sopranos, which is on HBO. So yes, I have cable.

Katie said...

(Is this a debate? I like internal structure.)

1. Awesome. I'm pretty much avoiding campaign politics at the moment because I vote mostly on domestic issues and NONE of them agree with me on foreign policy, so listening to everyone argue about when they were against the war in Iraq is less than useless for me.

2. Whitney is the lady who writes the Pop Culture blog for USA today. She's a little too into comics for me, but she likes a lot of hipster indie bands, so you'd probably enjoy her. She updates a lot.

3. Maybe you watched The Sopranos on DVD? I got nothing. You used to not have cable and be all snippy about it.