Saturday, June 2, 2007

You Proably Think This Blog is About You

I am obsessed with looking at things that piss me off.

I watch the 700 Club far more than a far left lesbian ought to, I read Ann Coulter's blog as much as any other, and I can honestly say that I've watched more Fox news than is healthy.

What reminded me of this weird penchant was

Seriously, I just stumbled across this rambly piece of shit, yet now I can't stop looking. She (They? It?) bashes on Rosie, which you will quickly learn is a big no-no when in my company (Polkey learned this the hard way), makes fun of celebrities but not in a hilarious Perez Hilton sort of way, but more of a whiny, holier than thou sort.

I get really mad when people talk about how celebrities should stop complaining about the complete lack of privacy. The rationale is always that they should have known, or that they make so much money that it shouldn't matter, or that they're biting the hand that feeds them. Even when I assume all these things are true, it still must suck a lot to be constantly followed by a weird dude with a camera. Just sayin'.

Not to mention, even if I can sit here and KNOW that a lack of privacy is part of the celebrity deal, there's really no way to understand the ramifications of that until you're too deep in it to change it. I figure that those who are pissed at celebs about this are really just jealous, because after all, if I were a celebrity, I'd be a little more grateful blah blah blah. But really, after a while, after the awesomeness of the fame and money have become commonplace, all thats left are the stalker paparazzi and the annoying fans who wont even let you drink coffee without wanting a piece.


I wish I was famous.


Katie said...

Was that link supposed to send me to a porn site?

ChangeAgent said...



somewhat hilarious typo, though.

all is corrected now.

Katie said...

oh, and did you see this? I figure probably, but if not, it seemed like something you would like: